Why would you want to be a member of the Ballroom Dance Preservation Society?  Because we’re a 501 (c)(3)dedicated to preserving ballroom dance thru education and events.  If you like to dance, don’t you want to make sure there will be ballroom dancing in the Mryrtle Beach area for years to come?  We are working hard putting our money back into growing the local dance community.  We are educating the community about the many physical, mental and social benefits that  ballroom dancing provides.  We want you to enjoy our dance events and live a longer and happier life.  Plus a membership offers you discounts to most events and some member only events.  We have overhead costs. Every event requires a certificate of insurance. We also have printing, website and marketing expenses.  Your membership fees help to cover these costs. If you enjoy our events and want us to stay around, please join. We appreciate our members. And contributions are tax deductible.