Our Board of Directors

Charlene Dougherty


Term Expires 12/31/21

I am a native of Langhorne, Pennsylvania. I’ve been married to Steve for over 40 years and we raised two sons in the Northern Virginia area.

I am very lucky to have my only grandson living locally.  I started my own accounting business specializing in non-profits and government contractors.

We left the fast paced DC area in in 2005 maintaining our DC client base from North Myrtle Beach. I still work part time with a few of my clients that I’ve had now for over 30 years.

When making the decision to become a founder of the Ballroom Dance Preservation Society, there wasn’t any doubt that the only way I would be involved was if it was a 501 (c)(3).

I love ballroom dancing, I love the social life and the friends that I have made, and I’ve always loved working out and living a healthy lifestyle. And I love putting my energy into making new events happen, promoting all the health benefits and seeing the joy that everyone is getting from our efforts to grow this dance community.

Charlene Dougherty
Sue Poss

Sue Poss

Vice President

Term Expires 12/31/22

I have traveled the world but have never lived outside of South Carolina. I was born and grew up in Lancaster County, just across the state line from Charlotte, and lived for 33 years in Greenville. I earned two degrees in communications and marketing from the University of South Carolina and—to be sure I had a well-rounded Palmetto state education—I went to Clemson to get my Master of Business Administration degree. Since 1996,  I have been self-employed as a writer-editor-and graphic designer want-to-be.

In 1986, I married Bob and our lives outside of work revolved primarily around boating, both sailing and motoring. We skied almost every mile of every lake in upstate South Carolina (we even went by boat to the Clemson football games). Several times a year we headed to the coast in two cars, each pulling a boat, so that we could sail and putter around the creeks and rivers, even the ocean, everywhere from Sunset Beach to Savannah.

Bob died much too young and, at age 43, my life changed. To fill the void, I turned to my volunteer work with Rotary and poured many hours a week working at every level of that fine organization to which I still give considerable time. I also traveled more after Bob’s death, and have always preferred to go off the beaten path. I’ve been to Cuba, China, Vietnam, Oman, Ghana, Haiti, and many other interesting and exciting places but am always happy to come home.

Eager to get started enjoying semi-retirement and find something new to do when I moved permanently to North Myrtle Beach in 2015, the first thing I did after unpacking was head to the J.B. Floyd Community Center where I had seen that a ballroom dance class was being offered. That started me down a road from which I hope I never detour. Dancing stretches my mind and body but its greatest reward has been the friendships I now enjoy.


Steve Dougherty


Term Expires 12/31/21

I was born in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Working as a CPA in the Northern Virginia area with a public accounting firm, then as a controller and then working with my wife in our own accounting firm was busy.

We love to go on cruises for vacations. About 10 years ago we participated in a ballroom dance class on a cruise. The elderly bartender who was assisting the class took us aside and told us if we started ballroom dancing now, it would be something we could do together for the rest of our lives. We came back from the cruise and started taking classes. I enjoy seeing the dance community grow, ensuring that there will be ballroom dancing here so that I may enjoy it for the rest of my life.

Steve Dougherty
Sue Poss

Janet Zirilli


Term Expires 12/31/22

I was raised in the Bronx, NY.  I received my B.A. from Queens College, NY, in Health & Physical Education.  

My husband Larry and I moved to Richwood, WV, in 1975 where we taught elementary school for several years. I then taught Physical Education at the grade school, junior high, and high school levels until my retirement in 2009. One of my favorite areas to teach was folk, line, and square dancing. When I moved up to the high school, I was given the opportunity to teach a dance class that included ballroom dance. I taught myself ballroom through the use of videos and DVDs.

I received my M.A. from West Virginia University in Communications which greatly helped me improve my teaching skills.

We snowbirded for 4 years and decided on the Myrtle Beach area as our retirement home. My first experience in a ballroom dance class was at the J.Bryan Floyd Recreation Center. I was hooked. I have met many, many wonderful people who shared their passion for ballroom dance in classes and dance events.

I am looking forward to working with this board to facilitate opportunities for our members and others to dance.

Nancy Talerico

Term Expires 12/31/21

I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore….and I am still there. I spent a lot of time visiting family in Myrtle Beach where I met the “dancing group.”  I always loved dancing.
My husband and I used to dance with a great group of friends. After he died, I stopped for awhile until a friend encouraged me to start again.  I find dancing to be great exercise both for the body and mind.  It improves coordination and promotes mental health.
I retired five years ago as a principal’s secretary in a large high school.  Since then, I have been fortunate to travel often and tried to experience dancing events in many different venues along the way.  Dancing provides an outlet for me to connect with my friends and meet new ones. 
I will be doing my board work from my home in New Jersey. When we get back to “normal,” I will be able to spend more time in Myrtle Beach. Happy Dancing!


Nancy Taler

Team Coordinators 

Carolyn Steed

Event Coordinator

Jim & I met and dated in high school and reunited at 15th class reunion, marrying 5 years later.
Eventually we merged our property-casualty insurance agencies and worked together 20 years before retirement.  He was Greensboro Insurance Man of the Year and I was NC Association of Insurance Woman of the Year.

Hobbies have included RVing, motorcycling, cruising and travel. Italy remains our favorite international vacation while snowmobiling in Yellowstone with friends is our favorite vacation in the states. Private pilot licenses for each of us brought years of aviation activities.

Two favorites for me: tandem jumping with Golden Knights and aerobatics in open-cockpit airplane.

So much in common yet he didn’t dance until my girlfriend and I gave our guys ballroom dance lessons for their birthdays.  Best gift I ever gave Jim and myself. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Dance is now a major part of who we are. Having made wonderful friends we enjoy being with, many of our best times are  dance related. Decorating throughout  the years has brought laughs and good times.  We look forward to many more.

We still maintain homes in North Carolina and South Carolina but will see you often on the dance floor.
Carolyn Steed
Sandy and Al Lewis

Sandy and Al Lewis

Music Coordinators

Al and Sandy have always danced…although not always ballroom.

Sandy was enrolled in dance at the age of 7 by her grandmother.She studied tap, ballet, pointe and jazz.

At the age of 12 she was an assistant instructor and at 17 was promoted to associate teacher and manager/choreographer for the dance studio’s second location. She studied in New York during the summer at classes sponsored by Dance Educators of America. She auditioned and was accepted to the Connecticut Ballet Society at it’s initial formation.

Al studied music and played the saxophone through high school. He was in the school band, dance band and formed his own band group and played at various locations and venues including weddings, etc. He self taught himself guitar.

Al and Sandy’s first formal ballroom training as a couple began with an offer of free dance lessons with a nationally known dance studio. They have taken lessons from many ballroom instructors throughout Connecticut.

They had been assistant instructors with their most recent instructors until their retirement at which time they assumed their duties as lead dance instructors. They taught for several park and recreation departments, the YMCA and at a local senior center.

After relocating to SC they had been dancing at BDPS affairs and can’t wait until we are all dancing again….post COVID 19!

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