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The BDPS Board appreciates its members. We are dedicated to preserving ballroom dancing because of it’s mental, physical and socal benefits – and it’s fun!

Why be a member?

While we eagerly invite anyone to come to any of our events, there are benefits to becoming a member of the Ballroom Dance Preservation Society. As you can see on the chart below, you can save more than the annual $50 cost of membership:

Savings for members over non-members in a year:

12 First Thursday Dances @ $2              $24.00

2 Free Member Only Parties @ $10      $20.00

2 Formal Affairs  @$10                             $20.00

3 Themed Events  @ $5                           $15.00

  (such as Big Band, Gatsby, Holiday Bash

Total Savings              $79.00  plus a few other free dances are occasionally thrown in (July 11th, 2019 is free with a value of $10)

Plus you are supporting the efforts of our non-profit organization to grow our local dance community we promote the social, physical and mental benefits of balloom dancing.




Cost of Membership

Our current membership rate is $50.00 per year.  The year begins and ends the month of your original enrollment.

Benefits of Membership

Discounted prices dance events

Free Dutch Treat Dinner Dances


Member only events

The opportunity to perform demos at our dances

Contributions also appreciated

Contributions are also always appreciated.  Remember, we are a 501( c ) (3) and your contributions and most of your dues are tax deductible.

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