Get your dance card ready

BDPS is not only preserving “ the ballroom dance” but it’s preserving the history of  Ballroom Dancing.  At each Southern Elegance Tea Dance a lecture is given. Lectures have included topics such as:  health benefits, The history of the Etiquette of Ballroom Dancing, About Arthur Murray, About Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and The History of the Tea Dance.

BDPS members are invited to give demonstrations of  dance routines they have been working on.  After all the lessons and practices, it’s fun to perform!

Remember the dance card?  Well, most of us do not.  They were originally introduced in the early 1800’s and went out of fashion when dances stopped being a formal social event for the upper class, sometime after WW1.  BDPS has brought them back!  We’ve taught our dancers how to use them and they are a big hit with the single women!

At our Dance Parties at St.John Hall we usually have a 30 minute free lesson to start the evening off.  During the course of the evening we teach a “mixer” to get everyone involved.