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Ballroom Dance Preservation Society

Because of Covid, we have no events scheduled.

Charlene’s remarks to Rotary Club of North Myrtle Beach

Charlene spoke to the Rotary Club of North Myrtle Beach via Zoom on Oct. 13. She had been scheduled for an in-person meeting, which had to be cancelled because of an uptick in Covid cases. 

BDPS member Eugene Waszkiewicz is a member of the Rotary club and has suggested we work together on a future event. 

Our Mission

Preserving Ballroom Dancing for future generations through education and events …


Without the support of the membership  our events would not be possible…

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First Thursday at St John's Hall

All of our events are cancelled because of Covid.

Benefits of Dancing

Ballroom dancing helps  your physical, mental, and social life.


A small group of dancers gathered at By the Sea on Sept. 20. Everyone was socially distanced, and no exchange of partners was allowed. This was NOT a BDPS sponsored event.

February 6, 2020 First Thursday Dance

February 6, 2020 First Thursday Dance

BDPS First Thursday dance on February 6th won our hearts. The decor was elegantly themed for Valentine’s Day.  The night started with a tango lesson, a passionate dance to set the mood. Many of us wore beautiful red outfits. Charlene’s sequenced masterpiece added to...

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