Dance Types

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What are the 12 ballroom dance style?

The 12 ballroom dance styles are:

  1. Waltz: A graceful, smooth dance characterized by sweeping, gliding movements.
  2. Tango: An expressive and passionate dance with staccato movements and intense partner connection.
  3. Foxtrot: A smooth, elegant dance featuring long flowing movements and an easygoing style.
  4. Viennese Waltz: A faster version of the Waltz, known for its continuous rotation and exhilarating pace.
  5. Quickstep: A lively dance with brisk movements and syncopated steps, combining elements of Foxtrot and Charleston.
  6. Cha-Cha: A vibrant Latin dance with playful hip actions and quick footwork.
  7. Rumba: A slow, sensual Latin dance focusing on expressive body movements and connection.
  8. Samba: An energetic and lively Brazilian dance with rhythmic hip movements and vibrant music.
  9. Paso Doble: A dramatic dance inspired by Spanish bullfighting, characterized by strong, powerful movements.
  10. Jive: A fast-paced and energetic swing dance with lively kicks and flicks.
  11. East Coast Swing: A classic swing dance with a fun, bouncy feel and triple-step patterns.
  12. West Coast Swing: A more modern swing variation with a smoother style emphasizing partner connection.