Dance Types



                                                          Shag Step Basic


1             and         2           3  &   4            5       6           

Basic             L-forward, together, back,   back in place,    rock, step


1             and          2         3  &  4              5       6

Basic            R- forward, together, back, back in place,   rock, step

  1. Count  1 and  2      3  and  4    5    6 Accent the 1, 3 ,5 or at the beginning of each triple step and the first step in the rock step.
  2. Men, hold your left hand with the last 3 fingers vertical to the floor and index finger on the side of her hand. Ladies your 4 fingers in a hook position.
  3. Keep your left hand at the ladies waist height. This is where her center core is and you can lead her much better if you have your hand in this position.
  4. Dance fairly close together. On the 5 , 6 keep your elbows bent and do not extend your arm all the way out. When stepping back, don’t step more than ½ of your foot length.
  5. Keep your heads up and your shoulders back. Look at the partner that you are dancing with. Much nicer than the floor and it helps keep your balance.
  6. Keep your free arm bent in ready position and not in a “DEAD ARM” position. Dead Arms look DEAD.
  7. Bend your legs at the knees and dance like you walk. On forward steps, step heel to toe and on backward steps, step toe to heel. Using your knees make you smooth.
  8. Practice with your hands up, elbows bent and small steps. The way you practice is the way you will dance.
  9. Practice very slow. Your speed will come with practice.
  10. Count out loud. This will help you learn up to 3 times faster. When dancing with a partner, you both need to count out loud. It does not work if only one counts out loud for the both of you.

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