This month’s Vine Bistro dinner dance was particularly festive. It may be because we haven’t had one of these for a while due to Larry Tanelli and Claudette’s vacation or it could be the fun improvisation on Larry’s part.

Marshall Easterling filled in for the absent Claudette. She did impersonations of Carmen Miranda and Mae West to very danceable favorites. They were masterful and fun. She finished her act singing a fast country two step to which Lucy and Tom were brave enough to dance.

Attendance was at about 50 which is really about as many as the floor can handle for all of us to have fun. It seems like we always take over that entire side of the room keeping the very able and attentive wait staff and bartenders busy. Did I mention decent quality wine for $4?

What I like about the Vine Bistro Wednesday night dinner dance is that I get to select from a full and varied menu. With food sensitivities, I’m often at a loss on what to eat with a fixed menu at some events.

For newbies to BDPS, I want to make clear that this is a FREE event beautifully organized by BDPS for the purpose of sharing the love of dance. Your only costs are for what you consume. Hope to see you at our next Vine Bistro dinner dance.