Dr. Veronica Collings

Thursday, Mar 5, 9:49 PM (2 days ago)

St. Patrick’s at the St. John’s Hall at the Greek Orthodox Church on March 5 was a nice surprise.  As I was approaching the venue in the pouring rain, I was certain we’d have a poor turnout for our First Thursday dance.  Au contraire. Full house of 160 dancers and more new member introductions. There is an uplifting energy when 160 people are having fun all at once. It makes you want the night to last longer.

Jim Sterner, our DJ for the party, started us out teaching Swing. Later on he led a Cha-cha free style, just for fun Mixer.

Sal Teta and Peggy Keller came with students who are transitioning from the classroom to the dance floor. Kudos to them.

Ron and Beth Blankenstein, who teach in Pawley’s Island and are now starting to teach for BDPS in Murrells Inlet, also brought a table full of dancers. 

Jason Raimey’s lessons in Little River are also helping to grow the dance community.  He is hosting tea dances starting later in March.  All in all, our dance club is having a wonderful growth spurt just in time for spring.

Hope to see you on the dance floor.