Dear Dance Friends,

I think almost all of us either know someome who has, or has had Alzheimers, or one way or another has been affected by Alzheimers. The Ballroom Dance Preservation Society is partnering with the SC Chapter of Alzheimers in a joint fundraiser on the “Longest Day” which coincides with the Summer Soltice on June 21, 2018. Thousands of people throughout the world will join together to show love for those affected by the Alzheimer’s disease.

The funds raised for the Alzheimer’s Association primarily remains local, providing a helpline staffed 24/7, respite assistance for families, educational programs, literature, support groups, and other services free of charge to our community.   A portion of all money raised goes to support research into the cause of and potential cures for Alzheimer’s disease.

The funds raised for the Ballroom Dance Preservation Society remains local and will e used to educate the public about the many physical, mental, and social benefits that ballroom dancing provides.  Research has shown that frequent ballroom dancing (30 minutes, 4 times a week) may help reduce the risk of dementia by 76{e9420259e37f7dd44db68ca7ce0dae768f0647300582c8437fea6ed4ec6f4cdd}. Both the Alzheimer’s Association and Ballroom Dance Preservation Society area advocating that our community live a physically active, mentally stimulating, socially active life.