The Bash at the Calabash Elks Club on February 29th was another great sold out success. Not just the usual stuff like fabulous decorations and great music. The best part for me was the opportunity to share the love of dance with those who considered themselves non- dancers. There were quite a few.

Although, I don’t think there is such a thing as a non-dancer. Dancing is part of our physiology. Humans have been moving their body to music for thousands of years. Amongst other things, this releases the joy producing endorphins from our brains. It’s no wonder dancing is addictive!

We had three great demos and 2 excellent lessons. Sal did a basic foxtrot as well as a demo with his partner Peggy . He covered the most important stuff. Line of dance and staying offset from your partner so you can travel easily are two essentials. Jason did a rumba lesson that set up any dancer for success in Latin. My favorite point was about hip action. It happens from foot placement and the straighting of the standing leg with the bending of the working leg, not from just throwing your hips back and forth. I think I was dancing for years before I understood that. Making the toe lead a priority as well as not lifting your feet off the floor to avoid bouncing up and down were the other two. That bounce which belongs in jive not rumba, destroys the Latin look and feel.

I hope to see all the newcomers on the dance floor.