Sue Poss


Sue Poss, Charter Member, VP on BDPS Board, North Myrtle Beach

I have traveled the world but have never lived outside of South Carolina. I was born and grew up in Lancaster County, just across the state line from Charlotte, and lived for 33 years in Greenville. I earned two degrees in communications and marketing from the University of South Carolina and–to be sure I had a well-rounded Palmetto state education–I went to Clemson to get my Master of Business Administration degree. For the past 25 years, I have been self-employed as a writer-editor-and graphic designer want-to-be.

In 1986, I married Bob and our lives outside of work revolved primarily around boating, both sailing and motoring. We skied almost every mile of every lake in upstate South Carolina (we even went by boat to the Clemson football games). Several times a year we headed to the coast in two cars, each pulling a boat, so that we could sail and putter around the creeks and rivers, even the ocean, everywhere from Sunset Beach to Savannah.

Bob died much too young and obviously, at age 43, my life changed. To fill the void, I turned to my volunteer work with Rotary and poured many hours a week working at every level of that fine organization to which I still give considerable time. I also traveled more after Bob’s death, and have always preferred to go off the beaten path. I’ve been to Cuba, China, Vietnam, Oman, Ghana, Haiti, and many other interesting and exciting places but am always happy to come home. 

Eager to get started enjoying semi-retirement and find something new to do when I moved permanently to North Myrtle Beach in 2015, the first thing I did after unpacking was head to the J.B. Floyd Community Center where I had seen that a ballroom dance class was being offered. That started me down a road from which I hope I never detour. Dancing stretches my mind and body but its greatest reward has been the friendships I now enjoy.