Member/Instructor Planned Events sponsored by BDPS

During the past couple of years, we have had inquiries from members who would like us to sponsor a specific kind of dance or host an event at a specific location. We are all for that—but the five board members can’t do all this themselves. So, we have set up some guidelines that make it possible for individual members to organize and host an event WITH board approval. 

If you are interested in planning and hosting an event under the umbrella of the Ballroom Dance Preservation, you must meet these guidelines and complete the necessary paperwork.

Advance work:

At least three months in advance of planned event:

  1. Complete an event request form and submit to board chair for Board consideration.
  2. Contact the Event Coordinator for guidance and to determine what BDPS inventory can be used (paper goods, decorations, tablecloths etc.).
  3. Contact Music Coordinators for BDPS guidelines and approval for playlists.
  4. Contact Performance coordinator if you need someone to do a demonstration or performance

You must:

  1. Make arrangements for venue.
  2. Determine theme.
  3. Provide playlist using BDPS Board-approved guidelines.
  4. Plan food.
  5. Plan lesson and performance if you desire to have such.
  6. Arrange for decorations.
  7. Set up and clean up.
  8. Host the event.
  9. Meet current CDC and local government Covid or other protocols.

The BDPS Board of Directors will:

  1. Set the ticket price and minimum number of attendees needed to breakeven.
  2. Decide if event must be cancelled for financial or other reasons.
  3. Advertise the event using your name as the Host/Sponsored by Ballroom Dance Preservation Society.
  4. Collect the reservations/waivers and money in advance.
  5. Supply the music equipment/stereo system.
  6. Appoint at least one Board member to attend the event.
  7. Reimburse the pre-approved expenses that are turned in with receipts.
  8. Supply the certificate of insurance if required



Board President: Charlene Dougherty.

Event Coordinator: Carolyn Steed.

Music Coordinators: Sandy & Al Lewis.

Performance Coordinator: Rosemary Farrell.


Download the guidelines as a PDF.

Download the application.

Download the playlist guidelines.