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Our Certification Program


Following the National Dance Council of Americas Ballroom Dance Curriculum, several of our Board Members ,Charter and Regular Members are working towards certification.

One of the reasons for doing this is we need more volunteers in the area to teach beginner lessons. Our youth program as well as other charity programs will be taught by volunteers and we want them to be certified.

Secondly, most of the women going through this program are learning to lead and some of the men are learning to follow. Currently there are many more single women than there are single men.  Unfortunately it appears that this trend will continue, which leaves the single women who love to dance, without a partner.  By training more women to be leaders, the future will see more women dancing with each other.  And the women who are learning are excited that they will be in-charge of their own future dance opportunities.

And thirdly, the challenge.  To be mentally stimulated to keep learning and have an opportunity to be tested on your achievement and recognized for such.

Contact us to learn more about our certification program.