Our Outreach Program


Part of the mission of BDPS is advocating the many physical, mental and social benefits that ballroom dancing can bring.  Those who cannot dance should have the opportunity to get joy from watching and being part of a social atmosphere.  The effects of loneliness are devastating.  As reported by the U.K., people who self-report as lonely are more likely to experience dementia, heart disease and depression.

Our monthly Southern Elegance Tea Dances provide a twofold opportunity.  Our BDPS members get to do what they love to do, “dance” but at the same time provide a social outing and give joy to those who are lonely or unable to dance.  Assisted Living Facility residents are invited to attend these dances held once a month at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in North Myrtle Beach.  Some of the residents come in wheelchairs or with walkers, others can walk and participate in the dancing.  All leave with smiles on their faces. There was the report of one resident who was not able to get from her bed to her wheelchair.  She wanted to come to our Tea Dance and dance  so badly , that she was able to get up out of bed and attend. And our members who have enjoyed dancing feel good knowing they have brightened the day for someone who may have otherwise felt lonely.

For those residents in Assisted Living Facilities that cannot get out and make the field trip to our Tea Dances, we will take the dancing to them.

If you are an Assisted Living Facility or other program that you feel would benefit from our dancers, please contact us.