dedicated to preserving ballroom dancing

Ballroom Dance Preservation Society

Our Mission

Preserving Ballroom Dancing for future generations through education and events …


Without the support of the membership  our events would not be possible…

Pelican's Night Out

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First Thursday at St John's Hall

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Benefits of Dancing

Ballroom dancing helps  your physical, mental, and social life.

Our Outreach Program

We reach out to our community through visits to nursing facilities and our partnership with the  Alzheimer’s  Association.

Dancing at the Codfish Ball

What is the Codfish Ball?   "At the Codfish Ball" is a song sung by Shirley Temple in the Movie "Captain January" which was released in April 1936. "Click here to see movie song". This song was featured in Disney Sing Along Songs: Under the Sea with most of the...

Ballroom Dance for Alzheimer’s

Our Longest Day Ballroom Dance for Alzheimer's event was a big success!  I thank every one who supported this event thru ticket purchases, raffles, contributions and Silent Auction purchases. Over 100 people attended this event and over $5,400 was raised.  Over 50...

Ballroom Dancing for Alzheimer’s

It's right around the corner.  Be sure to buy your tickets now.  They will cost more at the door.  The Stardusters are excited to entertain for us again.  The playlist they have lined up is awesome.  And I can't say enough about the generosity of the local businesses...

Dancing at the Vine Bistro

Tuesday was another fun night dancing at the Vine Bistro with Larry Tannelli and Claudette.  About 30 of our members and friends came out to eat and dance.  Larry and Claudette really love our group and they've been working on new songs that we know we love to dance...

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