You can never have enough lessons!  Even seasoned dancers continue to learn and refresh.  Beginners should not be intimidated, it’s never too late to learn and BDPS can connect you up with the best instructors up and down the Grand Strand.

Group lessons provide you with all the benefits: physical, mental and social. While being in a social group, you are being physically active, burning calories doing a weight bearing activity and challenging your brain memorizing steps, all at the same time!  Did you know the New England Journal reported that frequent dancers (30 minutes a day, 4 days a week) had a reduced risk of dementia by 76% compared with those who rarely or never danced?  Private lessons are also an option with most of the instructors in the area.

Our current member instructors include:

Randy and Sue Bowling – teaching in the Sunset Beach area of North Carolina

Sal Teta – teaching in Little River, SC

Carolina Dance Partners, Paul McTaggart – teaching in the  North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach, SC areas

Sandra Lucas-Hyde-– teaching in Myrtle Beach

Ron and Beth Blankenstein teaching in the South Strand Myrtle Beach area

Other Instructors supporting our activities are:

Ralph Hunn, Affordable Dancing – teaching in Myrtle Beach


Please call or email us for more information.